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NCAA Division I-A Football Playoffs

Here is an example of a letter the Sports Fans of America Association wrote "Stressing the Need for Division 1-A College Football for a Playoff System to Determine a True Champion". This correspondence was forwarded to the N.C.A.A.. Executive Director, C.F.A. Executive Director, United States Senators, University Presidents, Athletic Directors, Head Coaches, Bowl Committees, and Chamber of Commerce's around the Country. We have received hundreds of respondents on the issue. This is only one example of "Sports Fans In Action". Many issues are on the table.

College Football continues to have problems in the post season. Is there really a champion in Division I-A College Football today ? NO! The controversy remains as to choosing a clear-cut national champion because of the current post-season process. The sport of college football loses (interest), the Bowls lose (millions of dollars and fan interest), the Universities lose (millions of dollars), and ultimately the Fans lose (interest in a meaningless post season format). Today, Division I-A College Football still remains the only organized sport in America that does not determine a team champion by way of a structured playoff system.

The "quote-unquote" solution, the past several of years, is the Bowl Championship Series. The B.C.S., like the other earlier temporary solutions, (The Bowl Alliance and The Bowl Coalition), are not the answer, as proven over the last several years. Don't get me wrong, the B.C.S. is a step in the right direction, a consolidated ranking system needed to happen as it was proposed fifteen years ago in these proposals, but we are still not where the state of college football post season play should be.

Who is the biggest casualty in 2003 of not having a playoff system? Who deserved to play for the championship? Obliviously, Pac Ten Champ USC (12-1)! Who's playing the best ball now? Michigan (10-2), USC (12-1), Kansas State (10-2), etc...? Shouldn't you at least win your conference title before you can compete for the national title? Seems like a no-brainer. The same thing happened in 2001 when Nebraska played for the national title after they got hammered by Colorado 62-36 in the Big 12 title game.

Who was the biggest casualty in 2002? Who deserves to play for the championship? Defending national champion Miami (FL) (12-0) and Ohio State (13-0) played, but who was playing the best ball at the end of the season? Iowa (11-1), Georgia (12-1), USC (10-2), Washington State (10-2), Oklahoma (11-2) or Kansas State (10-2)?

Who was the biggest casualty in 2001 of not having a playoff system? Who deserved to play Miami (FL) for the national championship? Miami (FL) (11-0) and justly so, but their opponent Nebraska (11-1)? What about: a) Oregon (10-1), b) Illinois (10-1), c) Maryland (10-1). They all deserve to play for the title. Who's playing the best ball at the end of the season? The (10-2) Colorado Buffalos played the best ball at the end of the year. Would they have kept rolling through a playoff scenario? Remember, they beat Nebraska 62 to 36!

In 2000, the B.C.S. announced a controversial national championship game in the Orange Bowl. Oklahoma was a legitimate team with a 12-0 record, but their opponent wasn't so clear cut. Three teams had rights to a claim to be in the championship game: 1) BCS#2 Florida State Seminoles with an 11-1 record, 2) BCS#3 Miami (FL) Hurricanes with a 10-1 record and beat #2 FSU head-to-head, 3) BCS#4 Washington Huskies with a 10-1 record and beat #4 Miami head-to-head. F.S.U. was chosen for the game. Who will be the biggest casualty this year?

How can an undefeated team not be a national champion? Ask Penn State and Joe Paterno, it's happened to him four times. Numerous coaches and athletic directors have responded with a definite need for a playoff structure. Why is it so hard for the NCAA to see the real solution? Is it politics? Ask U.S. Senator, Bob Bennett from Utah. He lobbied the U.S. Congress for a playoff when in 1996 he questioned the fairness of the selection process of the Bowl Alliance, excuse me the Super Bowl Alliance.

Brigham Young University, which finished 1996 as conference champion with a 13-1 record and ranked #5 in the country, was snubbed by the Alliance along with the millions of dollars to that .university. Instead the Alliance invited Nebraska and Penn State (two conference runner-ups with worse records and lower national rankings than B.Y.U. The reason? They felt more fans from those schools would attend. Is this evidence of traditional bias or sports discrimination? You be the judge. Numerous coaches and athletic directors have responded with a definite yes for a need of a playoff structure.

Why is it so hard for the NCAA to see the real solution? It's obvious the current system needs refinement. But the B.C.S is not the answer either. Lining up only one meaningful game (championship) leaves all the other bowl games in meaningless situations. What happens when there are three undefeated teams at the end of the year or multiple same record teams at the top three or four spots in the polls like the previous years.

Who's Right? College Football Division I-A or Every Other Sport in the Country?

The only real solution is a structured playoff format to determine a true champion and escalate the college football post-season drama to its full potential. Division II & III College Football (Playoffs), College Baseball (World Series), and College Basketball (64 Team Championship Tournament) have structured playoff formats to crown annual champions!

The Southeastern Conference realized the potential of a Championship Game and has been very successful. The Big Twelve, M.A.C. and W.A.C. have followed in their footsteps as will the A.C.C.! The old argument against a playoff about increasing the number of games is ridiculous, because that has happened anyway. Many schools have played fourteenth plus games in a season. Are not the student issues (missed class time and travel) the same for those athletes involved in the above college sports as Division I-A College Football? This is only an excuse for not accepting a playoff format. What is the real reason?

Is there any other sport in America that has two teams sharing a national championship crown? The answer is NO! It does exist in today's Division I-A College Football. 1997 (Co-Champions: Michigan and Nebraska) saw the same thing that happened in 1995 (Co-Champions: Nebraska and Penn State), in 1992 (Co-Champions: Washington and Miami (FL), in 1991 (Co-Champions: Colorado and Georgia Tech), and 18 other times in the history of Division I-A College Football. Who are the real champions? There are an increasing number of college football fans, coaches, athletic directors, university presidents, and media officials in this country who want to see a meaningful playoff

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NCAA Division II Football Playoffs
First Round
Saturday, Nov. 13
(All times Eastern)
West Chester 35, C.W. Post 3
Edinboro 47, Bentley 44
North Dakota 20, St. Cloud State 17, 2OT
Grand Valley State 16, Winona State 13
Colorado Mines 52, Midwestern State 33
Texas A&M-Kingsville 40, Southeastern Oklahoma 30
Arkansas Tech 24, Catawba 20
Carson-Newman 35, Fayetteville State 14 

Second Round
Saturday, Nov. 20
Grand Valley State 10, Northwood 7
West Chester 33, Shippensburg 28
East Stroudsburg 36, Edinboro 32
Valdosta State 38, Carson-Newman 12
Northwest Missouri State 34, Texas A&M-Kingsville 14
North Dakota 20, Michigan Tech 3
Albany State, Ga. 42, Arkansas Tech 24
 Colorado Mines 35

Saturday, Nov. 27
West Chester 48, East Stroudsburg 38
Pittsburg State 50, Northwest Misouri State 36
Valdosta State 38, Albany State, Ga. 24
North Dakota 19, Grand Valley State 15 

Saturday, Dec. 4tsburg State 70,
Valdosta State 45, West Chester 21
Pittsburg State 31, North Dakota 19 
Saturday, Dec. 11
At Braly Municipal Stadium
Florence, Ala.
Pittsburg State (14-0) vs. Valdosta State (12-1), 4 p.m. 

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4. 7. Seven presidents were planters or farmers.
5. William H. Harrison. Poor President Harrison got sick at his inauguration and died form the sickness a month later.

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1. Adams, Harrison, Johnson, Roosevelt, and Bush.
2. John Adams, George W. Bush, John Quincy Adams, George H. W. Bush, William H. Harrison, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Benjamin Harrison, Lyndon B. Johnson. Theodore Roosevelt, and Andrew Johnson.
3. All were related but the Johnsons.
4. John Adams and John Quincy Adams were father and son as were George H.W. bush and George W. Bush.
5. The Johnsons were further apart. Andrew Johnson left office in 1869 and Lyndon B. Johnson was inaugurated in 1963.
6. The Bushs were the closest together. George H.W. bush left office in 1993 and George w. Bush was inaugurated in 2001.

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Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it.
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